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Mobile Photography

Everything you ever wanted to know about Mobile Photography!

My Story: My passion for photography actually began with mobile photography when I just stepped in college. Back then I didn’t know anything about photography neither did I know that even a term like ‘Mobile Photography’ also exists!

Mobile Photography

Everyone is fond of clicking whatever the outcome may be, it’s kind of a moment captured which one can be relished later on! But hang on! Not everyone is a  photographer, not anybody can bring out the special features of the shot.

Camera Vs. Mobile Photography

In this scenario, Mobile Photography comes to rescue. Mobile phones in the form of pocket cameras are always the handiest option to freeze the good moments in real time, besides DSLRs which are quite heavy to carry around and demand high maintenance! Also, everyone cannot afford a DSLR but yes everyone owns a smartphone today.

A few days ago, early in the morning, while catching up on my routine jog, I hastened to click the picture of a beautiful peacock from my mobile phone, who was in its full bloom showing its feathers under the bright sunshine! The mood was surreal and the magnificent beauty of the shot is beyond my words. The shot secured a soft corner in my memory and in my smartphone!

I strongly believe that mobile photography has really democratized the field of photography. “ Selfie” the most popular, trending and the game-changing term, let mobile photography achieve an unimaginable level of success, influencing every living being on this planet.