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About Me

“I am very passionate about photography. It is a medium of escape for me from the monotonous routine life! I see a whole new world through my lens”. 

Saumya Gupta

Hi, I am Saumya Gupta- a millennial Delhi girl with a quirky eye for the camera, passionate for finding frames anywhere and everywhere!

So, it all started when a confused girl 😳 among the crowd unleashed her beautiful butterfly wings, breaking free from her school kid cocoon, merely joined the photography society of the college through which she got a chance to experience a whole new world. The story continues and the drama unfolds slowly …P.S: I now know how it feels to wake up at dawn for that one sunrise shot and then finally end up sipping a hot cup of tea with other photographers discussing how that particular shot could have been framed better.

 💡 What makes me stand apart from other Photographers?

Being a Journalism and Mass Communication graduate, it allows me to study my subject (person/thing getting captured) in depth, their behavior, nature or composition. It helps me to portray a meaningful story without disturbing the natural essence of the subject through pictures! The cliché of perfect poses for me exists only in imagination but to actually click them I try to capture every nuance of the subject’s expressions, which makes the shot unique and an unforgettable memory to cherish! 😉 

Through , I would like to share my personal experiences, ideas and tips related to Photography. Moreover the website also highlights my portfolio in different genres of photography, which will help people to hire me as their official photographer.

Further, Do not forget to check out my first blog “Everything you ever wanted to know about Mobile Photography!”, which includes my initial journey as a Mobile Photographer, insider Tips & Tricks and the best mobile editing apps, which I personally use and recommend!

Thank You  😉